Mission & Sustainability

Our Mission

To help optimize personal and planetary well-being through ritualized beauty and wellness practices.

To be a part of the conversation about the healing benefits of plants and promote cannabis destigmatization.

To inspire a conscious lifestyle through intentional practices and sustainable choices.

“Feel Better— Know Better — Do Better.... then we can truly live our dharma!”

- Sarah - Co-founder

Sustainably Made with Love in Northern California

In keeping with our environmental values, our products are crafted with sustainability at the forefront. We believe the earth should be respected and protected, which is why we consider the ecological impact when selecting packaging and sourcing our ingredients. Sustainability is the new luxury, and we know everything we do—including and especially the purchases we make—affect not only us, but those around us and the planet we call home. Gone are the days of high-end having to mean high-impact. We strive to set an example of what is possible in the beauty and wellness industry, as well as continuing to learn ways to lessen Pure Dharma’s environmental impact. 

We welcome you to our community as we continue to hold space for us all to grow together…we will do what we can to make the world a better place!


We make our products with love by hand in small batches weekly in beautiful Northern California. Our entire line is thoughtfully curated with sustainability in mind, choosing only materials such as clear glass that is easily recycled (or even better, re-purposed) as well as 100% recyclable paper products over excess plastic and packaging that ends up in the landfill. Any plastics used in lids are chosen for their low profile and in white for ease of recycling. All of our shipping materials are eco-friendly and fully recyclable as well. We pack many potent ingredients into each offering, streamlining your beauty ritual into one that is more simple with less items but ones of more quality. We give back to Mother Earth by partnering with One Tree Planted, and with every purchase made on our website a tree is planted helping to make a positive environmental impact. At Pure Dharma we understand we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors but are borrowing it from our children and take action accordingly.

Our promise
to the earth in
partnership with:

Learn more at: OneTreePlanted.org

The Power of Nano CBD

Elevate and enliven the body with the finest and fastest absorbing nano CBD and plant botanicals — so you can connect with the very best version of you.