Renew With Breath

​​Every morning is another opportunity for us to begin again, an opportunity to RENEW. For me, renew carries a deeper definition than to simply, to make new. Instead, it means restoring freshness, vigor, or perfection as we renew our strength in sleep.  But in an increasingly complex and fast-paced life, it’s all too easy to get up each day and move through life going through the motions just trying to keep up.  Not everyone is waking up feeling renewed and ready to take on the day.  It takes effort and living with conscious awareness to be able to renew ourselves day after day.  Being able to connect with myself daily through ritual intention is key to feeling renewed. I have found the most effective way to do this, has been through consistent breath work and meditation.

My meditation and breathwork practice is something that is non-negotiable for me at this point in my life and it’s how I start and anchor my day.  It allows me to be less wasteful in my energy and attention. It uplifts and elevates my frequency so I can show up for my loved ones in the best way I can.  As a kundalini teacher, I have a certain type of breathwork I practice, while my husband prefers Wim Hof style, but we both use the breath to access a deeper and renewed state of being. Our breath carries with it our prana, our sacred life force energy, and it’s something we all have access to.

Just as every day we wake up is a chance to begin again, every breath is an opportunity to feel better. Our breath is the gateway to the mind as well as living consciously or unconsciously. When we use breathwork to connect to ourselves we open up to a whole new way to interact and receive with the world around us. It taps us into that energy of slowing down, so we are better able to tune into life and be aware of the way we move through this life.  A great example of this is being aligned with nature; which serves as a beautiful reminder that life is all about cycles, or renewal. Reminding yourself to receive each breath as a gift connects you with present moment awareness so you can live more fully with intention.  When we live with deeper intention we can be more aligned to make choices that are better for us, better for our communities, and better for the planet. 

As we notice signs of spring starting to appear and Mother Nature renews herself, let’s draw on these cues and make the conscious decision every day to take time to connect with ourselves and our breath.  I encourage you to meditate, to slow down, and live with intention through your breath.  Whether you choose to take time to focus on your breath when you first wake up, in the moments of pause throughout the day, or before you go to sleep, do what you need to support your wellbeing in this short but sweet time we get to spend on this beautiful planet.

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