Maintaining Our Internal Gratitude

Tell me, what are you grateful for?  

The word “Gratitude” comes from the latin word gratus, which means “welcome, thankful, pleasing”.  Tapping into this energetic frequency helps to change not only how you feel on the inside but also begins to filter out into our daily life, lighting up the world around you. Waking up in gratitude is like a magnet for good. I have made it my personal ritual to simply think of a handful of things I am grateful for before any other thought each morning. There are countless studies (including Berkeley, Harvard, USC) showing the multitude of positive effects having a gratitude practice can bring. Science supports the link between gratitude and better health. Giving thanks can help you live a happier and healthier life.  

As the founder of a clean, conscious beauty company, I try to live by the “Beauty Way”, also known as the “Path of Beauty”. This is a conscious interaction with life, the planet we call home, our planetary tribe of humans, and all sentient beings. It invites us to always leave a situation more beautiful than when we encountered it. One of the ways we can bring this kind of energy into focus is becoming aware of our breath, the breath we are breathing right now. It serves as a reminder to count all the blessings surrounding us in the present moment. There is always something to be grateful for—life is precious and everyday is a gift and the breath connects us with that simple truth.  It also is a great reminder to be satisfied with what’s currently here. One quote that I use often in my yoga classes and with my kids is “An attitude of gratitude turns what we have into more than enough”.  When we are feeling grateful and awake to the multitude of blessings around us, we are then able to show up from that place of wholeness and shower those around us with love. 

Gratitude is one of those qualities of energy that tunes us into all kinds of feel-good emotions like love, joy, expansiveness, and being able to sense the opportunities around us. Gratitude also helps us to be content with what is, not constantly grasping for something more. It’s just about coming into a state of connection with yourself and an appreciation for the moment.

Here is how you can bring intentional and internal gratitude out into your life on a daily basis:

  1. Reflect on the question, “What am I grateful for?”, daily. Make it part of your routine. 
  2. Journal your thoughts so you can begin to shift your mindset into an attitude of gratitude.  
  3. Whether it be through words of affirmation, acts of service or quality time, share your gratitude with those around you.

With the holidays approaching, the rewards of practicing gratitude help you stay calm and open during these often anxiety producing times. The more we focus on the flourishing energy of gratitude, the more we can live in that emotional state of wellbeing. I encourage you to stay open to the simple beauty in life and always give thanks.

With Gratitude,
– Sara

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