Create Your Own Inner Reality—How Do You Show Up For Yourself?

August is Wellness Month— a nationally recognized month dedicated to self-care, creating healthy rituals, and learning how to manage stress. For me this isn’t something to practice just one month a year, but rather prioritizing wellness is something that is woven into my very lifestyle each and every day. My intention is to live my best life everyday and help others live their best lives as well. How do I do this? By showing up for myself.
The best way to show up for myself and those around me is by starting my day rooted in presence, high vibrational energy, and gratitude. I do this by staying committed to myself and having the discipline to get up early and start my day, always incorporating consistent rituals to uplift and elevate my body mind and spirit. For me that looks like clean beauty body rituals (dry brushing, gua sha, self massage etc), fresh squeezed celery juice, adaptogenic collagen latte elixirs, and kundalini yoga.
These rituals anchor my day and ensure that no matter what comes my way, I have done my part to create my own energy field and internal reality so I am not as easily swayed or triggered by the events of the day. As a mother and head of household, I understand that I set the tone for my family and it’s important for me to show up as the best version of myself so I can impart the energy I want into my kids, my husband, my home, and my work. When I take the time to meet my own needs, everything else in life tends to fall more naturally in place.
We need to get past the idea of self-care being selfish—rituals of self care are the things that fill us up to be better partners, parents, basically better citizens of the planet. Women in particular in many parts of the world spend most of their lives taking care of others over nurturing themselves. Let this serve as a reminder to seek the time, space, and opportunities to do the things that serve our soul. Do you have a daily self-discipline practice that helps to align your spirit? If not, why?
Take the time to meditate. Practice yoga. Chant mantras. Diffuse high vibrational oils in your sacred spaces and don’t forget to ground in nature. Have the discipline to commit to healthy rituals that support your vision for your best life. In these polarizing times, it’s more important than ever that we keep showing up for ourselves so we can create our own sovereign reality and still live our best lives regardless of external circumstances.

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