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Gratitude Journal


The Ariana Ost gratitude journal is here! A great attitude goes a long way… this dreamy journal has a soft purple cover and copper foil details… The inside pages are dreamy pastel waves for your thoughts and gratitude to flow from pen to paper. Features a dip dye silk ribbon and healing crystal pink moonstone bookmark! I hope this journal inspires you to be grateful and expressive!

This gratitude journal is inspired by water and light. Allow
your thoughts to be fluid and flow like waves at sea. Find the
light from within you to reflect upon all the good around you
and shine. There is always something to be grateful for even
if you find yourself in darkness.

Be the good, be the light, find your flow, and focus on

The cover of this journal is an image of a magical healing
crystal at an exhibition in Paris, my happy place. I love its
unique properties and its pearlescent rainbow luster. The icon
is our sunburst healing crystal grid to remind you to shine
bright and be grateful that the sun rises each and every day
and that it’s always there, even behind the clouds.

Journaling is a therapeutic ritual to make a positive impact in
your life and connect you more deeply to your purpose. When
you are grateful, you have no room for fear or unhappiness.

Make space for gratitude as your go-to great attitude.

Dimensions – 5 x 7″ .5″ Thickness

80 sheets / 160 pages

300 gram cover

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